E-bikes to be excluded from European RoHS II-Directive

In other words, as it stands today, as of 2 January 2013 all pedal assisted bicycles with assistance up to 25 km/h and a motor output up to 250 W will have to comply with RoHS II.
E-bikes have to comply with
This means that manufacturers would have to ensure and, if asked, prove that no Lead, Cadmium, Hexavalent Chromium, Polybrominated biphenyls (PBB) and Polybrominated diphenyl ethers (PBDE) have been used, not only in the electrical and electronic components but also in no other vehicle component. Consequently, as of January 2, 2013, the CE-mark could only be affixed to pedelecs which are as a whole in compliance with the Machinery, EMC as well as RoHS II-Directive.After the publication of the Directive in the Official Journal in July 2011, the Commission asked an external consultant to carry out an impact assessment. For that purpose, 17 product groups were selected, among which pedelecs not subject to the type-approval.
ETRA argued strongly against inclusion of e-bikes
From the start of the impact assessment, ETRA provided the consultant with as much useful information as possible. ETRA also argued strongly against the inclusion of pedelecs in RoHS II. The European trade association pointed out that the occurrence of RoHS substances in electric bicycles was negligible. Consequently, the inclusion of electric bikes in the RoHS II-Directive would not contribute to reaching the objectives of the Directive and has therefore no beneficial impact.On the other hand however, inclusion would have a negative impact on costs and administrative burden. Vehicle manufacturers would have to ensure and collect proof of the fact that the relevant hazardous substances are not used in any of the vehicle components. ETRA argued that point especially in light of the fact that the overall majority of companies in the electric bike sector are SMEs.
Internal market could benefit
The consultant has now published a draft fact sheet on electric bicycles. The general conclusions in this fact sheet are as follows, Overall, the inclusion of electric bicycles in the scope of RoHS II is expected to have very limited impacts, whether that is in environmental, economic or social terms. While the internal market could benefit from the inclusion, the electric bicycle manufacturers will face additional compliance costs and administrative burdens.
Consequently, the consultant will advise the Commission to exclude pedelecs from the RoHS II-Directive. If the Commission follows up on that recommendation, only electrical and electronic parts of pedelecs will have to comply as was the case under RoHS I. 

ETRAs Response
ETRA Secretary General Annick Roetynck welcomed the recommendation for exclusion and stated, In November 2011, the Commission announced a number of initiatives to reduce the regulatory burden for small businesses. ETRA believes that the intended exclusion of electric bicycles from RoHS II is a good example of that new policy put into practice and is also fully in line with the Small Business Act. Previous news items on the Directive 2011/65/EU of the European Parliament and of the Council of June 8, 2011 on the restriction of the use of certain hazardous substances in electrical and electronic equipment can be found at www.freyebikes.com.


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Nurse Jody Makes Housecalls By E-Bike

Registered nurse Jody Hoppis wanted more time with her patients, and a schedule that would accomodate her life as a working mom of three. So she ditched her job at a family practice clinic and set up her own nursing practice calledmymobilemedicine, of medical house calls made exclusively by electric bicycle.

Photo stills courtesyKomo News.Hoppis bikes in a 15-mile radius around the town of Bellingham, Washington, making house calls to individual patients.Hoppis carries all of her equipment - a laptop computer and a "diagnostic bag" with stethescope and blood pressure reader - in a custom-made bright orange bike trailer. It is modeled on a waterproof (and lockable) trailer used by Scottish postal carriers. HerKalkhoff Pro Connect Sporte-bike provides a bit of extra power for making her rounds.Hoppis told theBellingham Heraldthat her bike-based business cuts out a lot of the overhead of a regular office, and she can not only see patients quickly as they call or e-mail requesting a visit, but spend more time with them than a busy medical office.She makes nearly all of her patient visits by e-bike, and her Mobile Medicine web site spells out her medical philosophy, which is to treat patient symptoms, rather than just work from diagnostic tests.It¡¯s always great to see people expanding the role of bikes in making viable businesses.

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Olympic Torch Draws Clashes in London

LONDON — Protesters objecting to China’s human rights record clashed with the British police on Sunday as the Olympic torch was carried through London on its way to the summer Olympic Games in Beijing.
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Felipe Trueba/European Pressphoto Agency
Thousands of demonstrators crowded the streets of central London as the Olympic torch was carried through the city on its way to the summer Olympic Games in Beijing.
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Peter Macdiarmid/Getty Images
Denise Lewis ran into Downing Street with the Olympic torch surrounded by security officials on Sunday.
Thousands of demonstrators crowded the streets of central London, and the police that at least 30 people were arrested.
Carried by a chain of British sporting stars and entertainment celebrities, the torch completed its eight-hour, 31-mile journey from the new soccer stadium at Wembley in west London to the principal site for the 2010 summer Olympics at Stratford in east London. But along the way, numerous protesters who broke through police barriers were wrestled to the ground as they sought to grab the torch, and the police said one man was beaten off as he ran toward the flame with a fire extinguisher.
What had been billed by the organizers as an occasion to celebrate Olympic sporting ideals turned instead into a daylong contest between China’s supporters — many of them Chinese students and people of Chinese origin living in Britain — and groups and individuals who gathered to protest China’s recent crackdown in Tibet and its wider human rights record, including its labor camps. To get the torch safely to its destination, more than 2,000 police were deployed along the route.
Caught in the middle was the British government, which like many others around the world has sought to find a middle way between fostering good relations with China by supporting the Beijing games, and placating those at home who oppose holding the games in a country often cited as having one of the world’s worst records for punishing dissent.
The centerpiece of Sunday’s parading of the torch was a stop at 10 Downing Street, where Prime Minister Gordon Brown greeted the Chinese party accompanying the torch and wished China well for a successful Olympics when the games begin in August.
The most intense scuffles on Sunday occurred as the torch moved through the heart of London, from the fashionable residential district of Notting Hill Gate through Hyde Park, Oxford Street, Trafalgar Square and Whitehall, before crossing the Thames and moving east to Tower Hill and on toward its destination at the future British Olympic site. The torch was protected by an inner guard of Chinese security men wearing blue-and-white Olympic tracksuits and an outer cordon of yellow-jacketed British policemen on foot, on bicycles and motorbikes.
At points along the route where the crowds of protesters were thickest, including Whitehall, Scotland Yard security chiefs deployed double rows of crush barriers in a bid to keep the demonstrators back. Where streets narrowed, including Oxford Street, the torch was placed in the back of a single-decker bus and returned to the runners only after the crowds had thinned. Still, the organizers had many tense moments when they feared that the torch might seized or extinguished.
In one incident caught by BBC cameras, a man in a black woolen cap who broke through the cordon of policemen and Chinese bodyguards attempted to seize the torch from a popular children’s television presenter, Konnie Huq, as she ran with it in the Notting Hill area. Beaten off by the Chinese guards, the man was wrestled to the ground by the police and led away handcuffed.
Others who carried the torch included the five-time Olympic rowing gold medalist Sir Steven Redgrave, the tennis star Tim Henman and the Olympic pentathlon gold medalist Denise Lewis.
The warmest reception for the torch came as it passed through the Chinatown area of central London, where red lanterns and Chinese flags had been hung for the occasion. Knots of Chinese supporters there and elsewhere cried out, “One world, one dream” — the slogan adopted for the Beijing games.
A spokesman for the torch relay’s passage around the world, Qu Yingpu, putting a brave face on the protests, said Chinese officials were grateful to the British police “for their efforts to keep order.”
He added, “This is not the right time, the right platform, for any people to voice their political views”.
But at many places along the route, supporters of the relay were challenged by protesters and replied with taunts of their own. “Shame on you,” a Chinese supporter shouted during one confrontation with demonstrators in Trafalgar Square. “How much are you being paid to be here?” a protester shot back. Narrowing the allegation, another demonstrator asked, “Are you from the Chinese embassy?”
One protester who managed to break through the police cordon, David Allen, said that he was angry enough that the torch was being paraded through the British capital and that his anger only increased when he saw British sporting stars being guarded in the streets of London by Chinese security men. “What really got my goat was our sporting heroes being surrounded by the Chinese security heavies guarding the torch,” he said. “It makes us complicit in the regime’s repression.”
One of the protesters who sparred verbally with pro-China groups in Trafalgar Square was David Phillips, a 25-year-old American from Austin, Tex., who said he had worked for six months at the American embassy in Beijing two years ago. Now working at a travel agency in London, Mr. Phillips said he had witnessed human rights abuses in China at first hand. “There are serious human rights violations going on, and you can’t ignore that,” he said. “And this is an appropriate place for us to voice our feelings.”
Sandy Macaskill contributed reporting.


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Flutec sight glass level gauges with internal thermometer supplied by Hydraulics Direct are available in five different types. Bolt centres of these level gauges with thermometers measure 127 millimetres, 176 millimetres, 381 millimetres, 76 millimetres and 254 millimetres.